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“Garrett is the most amazing, kind and knowledgeable person i’ve ever met when it comes to rutile. He has such an incredible selection and always takes the time to find the right crystal for the right person. His main goal is simply to make others happy and share the joy of rutile ♥️. He also has the best prices I’ve ever seen, for the best quality I’ve ever seen... If you’re looking for something that’ll twinkle in the sun like nobody’s business & will wink at you from your shelf all day long - look no further. From the bottom of my heart, THIS is where you get the GOOD STUFF 🔥🔥. Garrett is a joy to work with and I treasure every single piece i’ve ever gotten from him. I can’t wait for my latest order, which was a bit of a birthday gift to myself ... but the real gift was getting them from such a wonderful person that shares my passion for beautiful inclusions. ♥️♥️


Ontario, Canada


We have purchased many items from Geo Gem Shop. They always have very fair prices, the owner is honest and straight forward and is very knowledgeable about his product. I highly recommend purchasing from him.




What do I recommend???? Absolutely everything! His prices are fair, his crystals are the best there is and he himself is a pleasure to deal with. He is fair and a pleasure to work with




Knowledgeable. Great live feeds. Amazing materials. Awesome prices. Safely packed and shipped every time. Garrett is a great guy and an amazing seller. Have had awesome experiences every purchase.




Love Garrett, he has tons of hard to find rutile and he has very fair shipping. I buy way to much stuff from Garrett, but I know I am getting quality. You won’t regret doing business with him!


North Carolina


Every package from Garrett is guaranteed to be beautiful and makes you feel like you’re waiting for Christmas morning!!! 😆🥰


Garrett is a Great guy to do business with. Very efficient and personable. I recently did some business with him and he treated my like I was some one special! Thanks for making my day!




Always satisfied in my material I buy here. Cant wait for my next package.