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Rutilated Phantom Rainbow CitrineLapis Lazuli FreeformRutilated Penetrator QuartzPhantomed Penetrator Garden Quartz PointRutilated Quartz DT

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We have purchased many items from Geo Gem Shop. They always have very fair prices, the owner is honest and straight forward and is very knowledgeable about his product. I highly recommend purchasing from him.




What do I recommend???? Absolutely everything! His prices are fair, his crystals are the best there is and he himself is a pleasure to deal with. He is fair and a pleasure to work with




Knowledgeable. Great live feeds. Amazing materials. Awesome prices. Safely packed and shipped every time. Garrett is a great guy and an amazing seller. Have had awesome experiences every purchase.




Love Garrett, he has tons of hard to find rutile and he has very fair shipping. I buy way to much stuff from Garrett, but I know I am getting quality. You won’t regret doing business with him!


North Carolina


Every package from Garrett is guaranteed to be beautiful and makes you feel like you’re waiting for Christmas morning!!! 😆🥰


Garrett is a Great guy to do business with. Very efficient and personable. I recently did some business with him and he treated my like I was some one special! Thanks for making my day!




Always satisfied in my material I buy here. Cant wait for my next package.